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The Benefits of Honda Parts
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts come from the same assembly line as the original parts on your vehicle. That means they always work, and they are always of the highest quality. Using OEM parts instead of used or junk-yard parts has many benefits, including better quality and compatibility. It can even save you money in the long-run to use OEM parts.

What are genuine Honda parts? Although you might think that Honda only manufactures replacement parts in case something on your vehicle fails, the brand actually makes a range of other parts. These include oils and fluids, oil filters, air filters, belts, brakes, batteries, and wiper blades among other things. All of these parts need to be replaced as part of regular service, which means that you should always opt for OEM parts over third-party manufacturers. Not only are Honda parts more reliable, but they are also likely to optimize performance.​ 
How can using OEM parts save you money? Although OEM parts may initially be more expensive, you always get what you pay for. Higher quality and dependability ensure that OEM parts last significantly longer. Also, OEM parts are always compatible with your vehicle—there is no guesswork involved. You can get your car in and out as fast as possible, with repairs done right the first time.

Best of all, you do not compromise vehicle performance when you use OEM parts. Inferior parts can limit power and restrict fuel economy, costing you more money at the pump. Genuine Honda parts are tested at Honda’s state-of-the-art facilities and labs to ensure they work best and provide optimum performance. There is no sacrificing when you choose OEM parts.
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