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How to Jump Start A Car | St. Albert

If you ever find that your car will not start, it usually means that you need a jump start on the battery. With a few easy steps, a set of jumper cables, and a friend (and their vehicle), you should be on your way again.

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  1. Park the vehicles. Put the cars close together with hoods facing and engage both parking brakes. Make sure the jumper cables can reach between the cars.
  2. Attach the red clips. Attach a red clip to the positive (+) terminal of the battery in the non-working car. Then, attach the other red clip to the positive terminal of the other car.
  3. Attach the black clips. Attach a black clip to the negative (-) terminal of the working car. Finally, attach the last black clip to a piece of unpainted metal on the non-working car, like one of the metal struts that keeps the hood open. Make sure it is not near the battery.
  4. Start the engines. Start the working car and let it run for a few minutes. Then, try to start your car. If it works, drive around for 15 minutes or more to recharge the battery before turning the engine off.
If the jump start fails, or this is a recurring problem, you may need a new battery. Stop by St. Albert Honda and we will get you the service that you need.
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